Testimonial for Trinnov Altitiude 16:

I first became aware of Home Theatre Engineering during Covid 19 lockdown after finding them on You Tube. After binge watching all their videos I became very interested in the Trinnov Altitude 16. I had heard of this unit before but did not really know too much about it. Andrew and Enzo made me realize that someone like me, a 61yr old woman from Christchurch New Zealand could own one of these incredible units and that it would completely transform my home theatre room into something that would be out of this world.

The fact that I lived in a different country was no barrier to purchasing and getting the Trinnov set up and calibrated. Despite shipping world wide being disrupted due to Covid 19 my Trinnov arrived in light speed time with instructions how to connect all the interconnects and HDMI inputs to the unit.

Calibration was performed by Andrew remotely from Perth, via Zoom and a VNC app. All I had to have was a SPL meter and a microphone stand. Once Andrew connected to the Trinnov he was able to calibrate it specifically to my room and speakers. The whole process went smoothly even though I was thousand's of miles from Perth.

I have watched and listened to many movies since and can honestly say that the Trinnov has completely transformed my home theatre. I have never heard my surround sound with Atmos working so amazingly and I must say I've had a few AV processors over the years. Every time I listen to a movie I get goose bumps. It doesn't matter were you sit in the room it sounds amazing. The sound is balanced, clear and correctly staged with a bass that just engulfs you. Combine this with the incredible service from Enzo and Andrew the Trinnov Altitude 16 is truly the heart and soul of my theatre room. If you are sitting on the fence about getting a Trinnov Altitude 16 from HTE don't, get off the fence and get one, you will not regret it. I most definitely do not.

The essential step was finding a really good sound engineer that spends his days in customers' homes, perfecting acoustics. Enter Andrew Poole, who has been the go-to audio and visual pro-calibrator in Western Australia for more than a decade. I sent Andrew my concept for the LUXE Lounge at my stoire in Midland with the basic room dimensions - although well aware that Andrew's calculations would most likely change these. Andrew put all of his years of knowledge and state-of-the-art software into ensuring that every customer can get to hear exactly what our high end speakers are actually capable of And it worked. I have never had so many clients tell me they have goosebumps after auditioning a system. And you can't fake goosebumps.

Thank you Andrew - Scott Stay (West Coast Hi Fi Midland)

We had our Sony vw1100ES Projector calibrated today by Andrew at Home Theatre Engineering, absolutely thrilled with the results, Andrew was very professional and made such a difference to the overall picture we will have to re watch all our movies again.

Thanks Andrew. David Christie

Hi Andrew, We are so thrilled with the service and results. Your business should go from strength to strength with this level of care.

Len A

Andrew is a professional, and is an expert in home theatre advice and design. He turned what I thought was a good setup into a true amazing theatre room. There is definitely a depth of knowledge and experience that you can trust. There is flexibility in the whole process, and excellent client service. I would definitely come back to Andrew in the future, but this time from the very start of a project.

Shane Ling

Got Andrew round to calibrate my sound system. He was there for over 2 hours and walked me through every step of the way. The difference when he finished was amazing. I would definitely recommend Andrew and HTE. A really nice guy too. Thank you for a brilliant job and your great advice.

Steve Young

Andrew thanks for the reports, i will read them and hopefully understand what it all means. I must say i am very impressed with the results when you had finished. There was a significant improvement in both sound and picture quality that was instantly noticeable. It has certainly enhanced my enjoyment of the system overall and i would not hesitate to recommend your service to all my friends and family or anyone who wants to get the best out of their system.


I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed i was with everything you did for me and the support you have given me. Your dedication, your passion, and your knowledge is second to none. i will not hesitate to recommend your services Andrew.


I didn't realise how the video and audio calibration increased the value of my investment by providing a much better picture and sound on our panel. i will make sure to recommend your services and ensure i get the rest of my equipment in my home get calibrated in the future.

GREAT WORK - BL Stirling

Thank you for today mate the results are great!


I would highly, highly recommend HTE and Andrew Poole. We engaged Andrew early on in our build to help us with our dedicated cinema room. After years of not having one, we wanted to make sure it was done well.

Andrew's professionalism, dedication, commitment and service are absolutely second to none.

He took care of the room design with a 3D render, acoustic panels, helped find the right speakers and amps, pre-wired during our build, did the final installation and the audio/ video calibration. Andrew is definitely the man to see about home theatre.

The fact that Andrew is so passionate, caring and honest is reflected in his work ethic and the quality of the end result.

We love our room, and so does everyone who comes over! It's clear, loud, immersive, balanced and beautifully constructed.

Amanda Russo

A thorough professional with a good mix of technical knowledge and customer service.

Peter Cherry

We would recommend Andrew with absolute confidence knowing he will do a fantastic job!

As new business owners and building our first gym, we have gone through many hurdles. Andrew is one of the very few people we have hired that has absolutely blown our expectations out of the water! We originally hired Andrew to connect our electro magnetic door system and sound system, including sourcing a mount and mounting our 65" tv in the seminar room. Not only did he do these tasks with ease and excitement, but he also noticed we had an issue with our phone line and wired our entire phone line without us even asking him to do so! He went through the trouble of contacting our provider himself, he sourced the necessary material to connect the phone line and he even supplied us with a router and long range access point which provides all our gym members wifi. We personally could not think of a better person to recommend for your Home Theatre needs!>

I certainly know who I'll be going to in the future!

Navar P

What Home Theatre did with our Sound and Picture was incredible. I never realized that by applying professional knowledge and the right techniques that I could achieve these results and all using my existing equipment.

Rick - Currambine

From original design during our renovation Home Theatre Engineering solved all our issues, they managed phone, internet, wi? sound and picture. We got exactly what we wanted.

Marie - Mindarie

Home Theatre Engineering went above and beyond in helping us with our job. Highly recommended, on time and very very helpful.


I have hardly met people of your calibre and professionalism.

Nav - The Vines

Would recommend Home Theatre Engineering with absolute con?dence knowing they will do a fantastic job.

Josh Midvale