by one of Australia's leading experts Andrew Poole

If you have ever thought.. Its too bright? It looks washed out? The blacks look grey? The faces are too red? The Grass is too green? Its too dark? Its too bright?

What about those black bars at the top and bottom of my picture?

Your observations are spot on.

This is the biggest deal. The room is built, everything is ready. You turn it on and it's, well, it's ok. But here is the big question. How do you know it is performing at its very best? That you are getting every cents worth of capability from the equipment you invested in? You don't and without calibration you never will.

This is something we do better than anyone else. It's is a highly technical skill that few possess or bother to use to get the very best performance. We precisely measure the output of the sound and picture with special sensors and check the results on computers and adjust until it is perfect. This ensures that everything is delivering all it can, the outcome for you is amazing sound and image.


You will need a trained technician for this. Calibration is about knowing and not wondering it is about getting the best result and value for money possible.

Its our secret sauce and the reason we build the very best home cinemas. Don't miss this step out, it is vital.

TV's and Projectors are set up by the manufacturer to "catch your eye" not to be accurate. They need to get your attention to make the sale.But when you get it home it just isn't right.

A calibration using the Spectracal C6 2000 calibration senor

But it can be. This is where professional TV and Projector Calibration comes in.

Just like a car that needs to be tuned, or a thermostat that needs to be set on and aircon, TV's and Projectors need to be calibrated to give true lifelike images with incredible detail and this is what we do.

Investing in calibration will make an incredible change to your TV. Improving it's performance to such an extent you will think you spent 4 times the money on your TV.

Now that's value.

Example of Calibration

Before Calibration

After Calibration

Notice the blacks are more defined, the detail in the shoe and floor is also more visible, along with the tyre and chrome being more detailed.

The other part to this story is you will also end up seeing Movies and TV shows just the way the director intended because we use the same standards they do. You wont miss a thing. That's the real magic of professional calibration.

ISF calibrators are trained and equipped with special equipment to scientifically adjust your display. In fact so important is ISF calibration that many manufacturers like Pioneer and NEC even Microsoft and many others are working with the ISF to delivery to you the very best images. Many new displays have special menus that only ISF calibrators can access to programme the very images with special day and night settings specifically for you. If the manufacturers think it is so important that they give us our own special menus that must tell you something. Those menus are there for a reason... because your display NEEDS to be calibrated.

It might be a shock if you have spent anything up to or over $10,000 for a great display to realise it is delivering a less than perfect image straight out of the box. To get the results you want call us and we will calibrate your display a close to perfect image and you will be amazed.