Who Is Home Theatre Engineering?

Home Theatre Engineering, owned and operated by Andrew Poole and Enzo La Pegna, was the first dedicated Home Theatre Design Business in WA and one of the first in Australia with professional training and global industry recognised certification.

Enzo and Andrew with Gerban from Procella Audio.


We understand that happy clients are at the heart of what we do. That's why we'll go above and beyond using techniques and equipment unique to HTE, to build you an amazing Cinema. We always make sure to understand your needs and deliver a home cinema that's perfect for you.


Because at HTE the most important part of what we do is look after the people that breathe cinema, we pride ourselves on providing a level of customer service that's equal to the quality of the projects that we build.

Therefore not only does HTE offer incredible design and amazing results, we also offer a service that so few companies can, with the Director of the company involved from blueprint to handover.

So remember, HTE is a vibrant, energetic, passionate and hard working team, with a dedication to the craft and ART of cinema, proving as the basis of a solid reputation within the industry.

Andrew Poole - Director

Wizard - Calibrator - Designer - Installer

Andrew himself is a formally trained sound and lighting engineer. Over the last 15 years, HTE has constantly raised the bar in cinema design. Andrew has trained taught and lectured across Australia, run training courses and educated newer Home Cinema companies.

Because Andrew demands the best of every facet of the home cinema experience he has commited him self to his trade and has the years, the training, the qualifications and skills we need to give you the experience you were looking for.


He has also worked with remote operated submersibles in the south China Sea, Stage Lighting systems to leading Cave diving expeditions under the Nullarbor plain. Winning is not an option but a requirement.

So Passionate about Audio visual Andrew was Australia's first home AV calibrator, championing the first industry training here. THX, ISF and HAA certified.

Email: andrew@hometheatreengineering.com

Enzo La Pegna - Director

Sales - Business Development Manager - Marketing Manager

Enzo along with Andrew takes care of our sales, he started of as a customer of HTE and is a massive home theatre enthusiast.

He has over 15 years experience in Customer Service and in Sales and Management and has worked in numerous industries over the years to maximise growth, knowledge, and prides himself on customer service.

Enzo started off in the hospitality business and that is where he learnt to provide natural customer service.

Because of this he is know for going above and beyond for his clients and has won multiple customer service awards in Hospitality and building industry.

Building reference and certified real cinema in your own home by industry leading experts!