Our panels are all custom made in WA!

The room itself is the single most important component in any home theatre or music room. A great system is easily compromised by a poorly performing room. Acoustic treatment is the way we tune and manage this.Understanding how to optimise the acoustic environment in your cinema room is one of the things that separates "out of the box sound" from truly great results.

Acoustic panels help to soften the room, reduce the sound bouncing all over the place and also function as part of your interior design. Sometimes they can be used to hide unwanted room features such as windows or doors - they are versatile elements for any custom cinema, ours can even feature incredible lighting effects.

All our panels are custom made in WA with a huge range of colours and sizes.


There are mainly 3 different types of panels always used in a theatre room.

*Top Tip: Never fill the room with absorption panels!

At HTE we focus 100% on extracting every drop of performance from your system whether it be a $5000 home theatre or a dedicated $500,000 custom cinema of bespoke design. Every system we have ever visited can be improved with the right adjustment and calibration. This is something installers just dont do.

Acoustic treatment manages sound in your room in a way that improves the end result but you have to be careful. So many people think more is better and end up making the room far to dead resulting in a collapsed "sound stage" and "poor envelopment".


Room and Acoustic design is likely to be the single most important product your supplier NEVER SOLD YOU. This is tragic as it means you are getting well below 100% capability from the equipment you already have.

HTE are the experts, we extract performance and sound and video quality where others have failed.