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Now it is all truly possible. If you love the movies but want to experience the thrill at home and with sound and picture that exceeds the commercial cinemas, here's your chance. Feel free to pause rewind, take a break have a meal and a drink. No irritating people talking or using their phones, feet on seats or running up and down aisles. You are in total control. The complete Hollywood experience to ISF and THX standards designed to give you an experience like never before. We are your premium supply support and advice site for Home Theatres, Installations, TV, Projector, Calibration, Movies, Streaming, Netflix, AppleTV, Blu-Ray and UHD 

Classic Style Home Theatre

Penthouse Cinema Design

Who are we and, why choose us? 

Home Theatre Engineering, owned by Andrew Poole, was the first dedicated Home Theatre Design Business in WA with professional training and global industry recognised certification. Andrew himself is a formally trained sound and lighting engineer. Over the last 10 years, we have constantly raised the bar in cinema design. HTE has trained taught and lectured across Australia, educated newer Home Cinema companies and always demanded the best of every facet of the home cinema experience. When you are dealing with HTE your experience will be a level above anything else you will experience elsewhere. Everyone will tell you they are experts. HTE has the years, the training, the qualifications to prove it.

Cosy Family Cinema

Traditional Design

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At HTE you get specialist advice and design so you that you can plan ahead and avoid costly mistakes. Most of all you get access to astounding possibilities such as the true cinema style "Scope screens" and real HD Audio. At HTE our services are extensive and include:

  • Home Cinema Design and Consultation
  • Pre-Wiring, Room Preparation and Installation
  • Audio Calibration, Video Calibration. Its all about getting the best out of your system, getting the performance you paid for.
  • Fully Licensed Data Cabling Services. Phone, Ethernet, Fibre Optics

Our Home Cinema's (or Theatre's) are not like anything you have seen or experienced before. Once you have seen TRUE HOME CINEMA you will appreciate how thrilling it can be, but it doesn't need to be expensive. Just well designed and well setup or "tuned". If you want the best then talk to the professionals. Home Theatre Engineering.

YOUR BIG ADVANTAGE - We are not a shop! We rarely even talk "brand names" its just about matching the right equipment to your room. So we come to you, we get to know you and understand your plans and hopes for the room space you have in mind, we find out what you really need, and design the best system to suit your room and guarantee that it will exceed your expectations.

Finally once your system is installed we will calibrate both the sound and the image to make sure it is perfect, we give you the report once it is completed and we even come back after 3 months to check up on it. You won't get that service anywhere else.

If real service and genuine value for money count then call us and arrange a meeting to discuss your plans. You will be amazed at what is possible at any level.

Your qualified specialists in Home Theatre, Installation, TV, Projector, Calibration, Movies, Streaming, Netflix, AppleTV, Blu-Ray, UHD.