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miniDSP Balanced 2x4


miniDSP Balanced 2x4 00057

miniDSP Balanced 2x4 is an innovative low cost and low power Digital Signal Processor in a pocket size form factor. With our revolutionary "one platform, many configuration" concept, miniDSP kits gives un-paralleled flexibility to engineers & A/V designers at a fraction of the cost of typical alternatives. May it be a source mixer or a multi-way digital crossover it will be up to your imagination to configure it the way you see fit.

Targeting balanced audio applications, the miniDSP balanced 2x4 provides various digital signal processing algorithms such as graphic and parametric equalizers, mixers, crossovers, delay.. depending on the selected plug-in. Built and engineered with a combination of low noise electronic parts along with double precision audio algorithms, the end results is low cost DSP unit that stands out in its superior performance as well as its affordability.

Compared to the miniDSP 2x4, the miniDSP Balanced 2x4 allows for balanced input & output connectivity and higher output gain. In order to fit most gain configurations, a single jumper change is all it takes to toggle the input sensitivity.


  • 28/56bit DSP Engine
  • 24 bit ADC/DAC resolution
  • 48kHz sampling rate
  • Balanced inputs, Balanced outputs on plug-in terminal blocks
  • Nichicon Muse Audiophile capacitors
  • Plug&Play USB driver and Software configurable for real time configuration by miniDSP plug-ins
  • Device does not required to be connected to PC once configured
  • Single 12V DC power on terminal block connector
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • CE/FCC certified - ROHS compliant
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miniDSP Balanced 2x4

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