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A room that was put together with Scott Stay using KRIX from Midland West Coast Hi Fi and tuned and refined by HTE

Now we have all the parts lets consider interior decor and design.
Acoustic panels can be one component but how will your new cinema room look when it comes to styling and appearance? 

Before you start, consider the selection of fabrics, colours, carpets, finishing and even the finest cosmetic details, every decision you make in this process will influence the overall look, feel and sound of the room. Light coloured walls and reflective surfaces around screens are trouble. Annoying and distracting lights and equipment in the line of sight ruin the experience, but feature lighting can dramatically enhance it. Popcorn Machines, candy Bars, theatrical Lighting, artwork and clever sculpting of the room can all be done without breaking the budget.

Custom home cinema design is about much more than the science of an audio visual experience - there is a large component of creative design and styling that often gets forgotten or ignored till the last minute. Make your room a great room to escape to, another world that brings pleasure and relaxation. Interior design sets the mood the minute you step into the room.