Truly Professional Installation Services.

These days it seems harder and harder to get good old fashioned service. Our professional technicians are courteous, tidy and efficient.As fully licensed cablers (ASIAL Open License 19560) we can help with any or all of your cabling needs.You can rely on HTE to get your cabling needs completed on time and on budget.

Why HTE? Anyone can be an "installer" all you need is a ladder a van and a drill (unless you are installing phone or data, then you need a licence to be able to do this legally). But there is so much more. We are trained to understand exactly what we are doing. We have been trained by the best in and have the qualifications to prove it. More than that we understand the implications of the work we do. We can help you avoid costly mistakes by advising on acoustics, amount of light in the room, cable length issues and many other factors. So don't regret it. Use a professional.

TV Installation.

We Install TV's

No Mess, No Fuss. Fast Efficient TV installation. 

Phone, Data & Foxtel Points

As fully licensed cablers we can install or relocate all phone data and cable points to almost anywhere. Make sure your installed is licensed and ask them for a TCA-01 form on completion of every job. 

Wifi and Internet

WiFi, Internet and Computer Problems? If its slow, intermittent or just broken..we can and will help!

Home Network or WiFi issues, even problems with internet connectivity give us a call and we will sort it out. The video (below) has a few important and handy hints too. We do however recommend robust solutions like industrial grade Access Points to expand your network. Call us for more advice.​

Professional Network & Cabling Services

Our Network Technician at work

We service and support all networks. Home, Business and Corporate.

Netflix, AppleTV, Media Streaming 

These days almost anything you could want is on-line. We can help with installation and setup of all kinds of media streaming services.

Streaming Media - it's all online now!

Antenna Installation

For TV Antenna installations, nobody does it better. Neat installs and good signal strength. It pays to get it right the first time. We have been installing TV antennas for more than 16 years. 

Quality built long life antennas and cable. You wont be changing your antenna again any time soon! Getting quality equipment the first time saves you a fortune.

Data Storage and backup

We supply install or troubleshoot Network storage. Local Network storage can also be used as great media storage and streaming devices (and lots more!)

Our experts will supply install setup and train you on the use of your own Network storage device like the one shown in the video above. Perfect! There is a model for every need.

(Note: If you are thinking about using cloud storage you need to seriously consider your bandwidth, download and upload allowance, how long will it take to restore your data from online and what are the real costs. Talk to us first before you make any expensive mistakes.)

For totally professional installations. Properly completed. No mess left behind and with everything working after we leave.
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