Home Theatre Engineering provides a professional consultancy service for home theatre design, product selection and installation. We ensure all components work together and maximise the capability of each component so the entire system performs at its absolute best. We focus on small room acoustics, taking into account your room shape and size, viewing distance and image quality, seating positions and ambient light, and select speakers and amplifiers to suit your rooms acoustic characteristics so that the end result system looks and sounds awesome.

Most of all we save you time and money. Many of our clients systems end up costing the same as they would have "off the shop floor" even including our consultancy fee! We are committed to delivering to our clients the very best home theatre experience possible.

We have found that all but the most exceptional Hi-Fi stores do not visit your home or even ask the size of your room before selling you a system, without this information they cannot be aware of the acoustic effect your speakers will have or even how they will fit your room. They will definitely not sound the same as they did in the store, it is physically impossible. The same goes with screen or TV size and type.

As part of our service we calibrate the TV or projector once installed. This is a service unique to ISF qualified calibrators. Installers can't do this without thousands of dollars of test gear and ISF certification.​

Don't take it from us, see our testimonials page.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Avoid the time and effort as well as the confusion and conflicting advice given by different stores. Put science back into Sound and Vision and make your choices effortless. The results will be better than you could have ever hoped for…