Audio Calibration

​What's This All About?

Before we get into the technical stuff. Have you ever progressed from powdered coffee to great freshly ground coffee, or from bad wine to truly great wine, or driven a truly fine car? Once you have had that better experience its hard to go back. You now know what better is. There is no undoing that. 

Sound (and picture) are the same. Humans are amazing they can put up with all sorts of things. But with sound and picture you don't need to. You may be used to the sound (or picture) you currently have, but we can promise you, there is much more. Often just by correctly setting up the system you already have. Or getting help before you buy a sound system. Mistakes are expensive and we can help you avoid them. ​

 You may have come across things like Delay, Speaker Distance, Test Tone, Phase, X-over, Large or Small Speakers and a host of other choices and options. These are there for a reason, but are widely misunderstood, misused or most commonly, ignored.

The Video Below is by John Dahl of THX its a great starter. It helps you understand some of the simpler principles to getting better sound. (We are particularly proud to be able to say John is one of George Lucas' THX key team and was one of the amazing industry leaders who personally taught us here at HTE!)

Getting HTE to adjust your sound system is like fine tuning a performance car. The difference will stagger you and more than likely without buying a single extra piece of equipment. Call and chat with us about getting the most out of what you already have. After all you paid for it, might as well get every cents worth of performance that system can deliver.​

The fact is small room acoustics are complex and maximising your system will take time, effort and the right test equipment, but the rewards are huge. Imagine getting rid of that annoying boom or squeaky top end, being able to clearly hear every word spoken in a movie and being able to close your eyes and "see" exactly where every sound is coming from. We call it soundstage. Even if you "think" your system is great, you will be stunned by the improvements you will get when it is properly calibrated.

Subwoofers! There is a good chance your sound system is working hard generating sounds you can't even hear. Oh they are there, but complex room "modes" can mean that where you are sitting you could be just the spot where there is nothing to be heard at specific frequencies. We can help resolve that. See our testimonials page for clients feedback.​