Acoustic Design & Treatment

Even the best equipment in the world will be compromised if it is installed in an unprepared room. It's the same as buying a Formula 1 car and then expecting to drive it down a rough dirt track. You will never extract the full performance of the vehicle because it has been placed in the wrong environment. 

At HTE we focus 100% on extracting every drop of performance from your system whether it be a $5000 home theatre or a dedicated $500,000 custom cinema of bespoke design. Every system we have ever visited can be improved with the right adjustment and calibration. This is something installers just dont do.

Acoustic treatment manages sound in your room in a way that improves the end result but you have to be careful. So many people think more is better and end up making the room far to dead resulting in a collapsed "sound stage" and "poor envelopment" 

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Our Acoustic Panels are made here in WA and tailored personally for every room. Contact us for a quote.

Horizontal view of private cinema at home

Room and Acoustic design is likely to be the single most important product your supplier NEVER SOLD YOU. This is tragic as it means you are getting well below 100% capability from the equipment you already have.

HTE are the experts, we extract performance and sound and video quality where others have failed.